How do I plant shrubs in containers?

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Planting Shrubs In Containers

Planting shrubs in a small, medium and a large size container depend on the size of your apartment or home. Take your time and select the areas where you want to place the containers. Shrubs can line the driveway, the main garden path, or around the exterior of the house and in the yard that will compliment the beauty of your home. The shrubs in containers grow well in an apartment atmosphere. They can be placed in front of the living room windows, flanking the sides of the mantle or sofas. Imagination and strategy are the keys that will make your home comfortable.

The information about the shrub that you selected will tell you why it’s low or high maintenance and whether they can flourish in the shade or sun. The soil and fertilizer mixtures are available for shrubs that you can purchase at garden stores, supermarkets, and order from the internet.

Shrubs can be purchased in a variety of colors and they can be planted year-round. There are different shades of greens, soft and brilliant yellows, pinks, bright reds and shrubs that yield full bouquets of flowers available. Containers are made out of plastic and clay and you can purchase a plain, decorated or engraved with designs. Your creativity in blending the different colors and textures is boundless. Now the fun begins.

Gather all the equipment you need before you get started.

Tools: gloves; trowel; a utility knife; shrub; multi-purpose compost or container compost; slow release fertilizer; water retaining crystals; gravel; rocks; broken pieces of pottery; hose; watering can. The container should be twice the size of the root ball so the roots will have room to grow.

Leave the shrub in the store flower pot until you have placed the soil into the container.

* Place the sand, broken pottery, or small stones on the bottom of the container. The water will flow freely to the bottom.

* Thoroughly mix the soil, the slow release fertilizer, and the gravel.

* Fill the container half full with the soil mixture.

* Use your hand or the trowel to dig a ditch in the soil where the shrub will be placed.

How to get the shrub out of the flower pot without hurting the shrub and the roots.

* Pick up the container and squeeze it until the plant becomes loose.

* If the shrub root ball is stuck, then cut the sides of the flower pot.

* The root ball is packed tight with soil. Pull the roots gently from the root ball or tap it with your hand or with the trowel.

* Place the shrub in the ditch in the container.

* Fill the container two inches from the rim.

* Pat down the soil firmly with your hand or the trowel around the shrub.

* Water the soil and the shrub itself until the soil is moist to the touch.

* As the shrub grows please remove all the damaged foliage from the shrub.

The shrubs are striking, the different sizes and colors of the containers are impressive and you’re already thinking about your next project.

Your landscaping project is a remarkable success and a work of art that’s admired by family and friends.

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